To make quality wines, you must first start with quality grapes...

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To make quality wines, you must first start with quality grapes. Here are a few reasons why we feel we are unique in that arena:  

I.) Site selection. All of our varietals are planted in areas ideal to that variety and to assure that our grapes have optimum exposure to the sun we planted our highest mountains. The valley fog seldom has the opportunity to blanket our hilltop grapes.  

II.) My personal favorite, dirt! Our soils here are of the Franciscan series, they are very young in their date of formation and were formed when this part of California was under the ocean. These soils are rich in iron elements which oxidized and turned red when this strata was uplifted to the surface by the violent forces that formed this state’s landmass. These soils are perfect for red varietals, and ironically similar in composition to that of Northern Italy.  

III.) We are 100% in control of our vineyards and their cultural practices. Many wines are made from grapes that are left to the care of a vineyard management company which more often than not has a predetermined scheduling of when to do things in the vineyard. We do things when they need to be done not when the schedule dictates.  

We feel these conditions contribute greatly to the quality of our wines. We are not alone; our grapes are sold to over 11 ultra-premium wineries in the Sonoma County area, many achieving high marks and medals.  

- Harry Merlo Jr.







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